Sweet Shop launches new tradition

With the building’s history spanning decades of different establishments, owner of Pops Sweet Shop Cindy Anderson decided to sell her Gearhart business of nearly 15 years. In 2016 during a visit to Gearhart, Traci Williams passed the shop…

Popcorn and Pups

We are Royally excited about our gourmet organic popcorn in coconut oil featuring Bitterman's Buttery Popcorn Salt -- oh and we love our Cavalier King Charles friends! #madeinoregon #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #bittermansaltco

Baking is science!

Baking is science! Up your game and chase away rainy Spring Break blues with award winning #yellowscope science kits or #scratch&grain baking kits as seen on #sharktank


Word up! Our word of the day is Thalassophile - one who loves and feels comfortable with the seas, oceans. Which is perfect for our lovely beach setting. And more new items. Gluten Free Coffee Cake. Honey Bars from Bees & Beans. #bees&beans…